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Sedation Dentistry in Beverly Hills

Experience Anxiety-Free Dental Care in Los Angeles

If you’re fearful of visiting the dentist or suffer from severe gag reflex, sedation dentistry could be an effective solution for you. We can comfortably sedate you using safe sleep dentistry techniques to minimize fear and anxiety.

Now you can undergo any necessary dental work and maintain your oral health without experiencing anxiety! If you would like to avoid distress or discomfort of any kind, our Beverly Hills dentist can explain the safe and effective nature of sedation dentistry.

Call (310) 846-8454 to learn more about sedation dentistry. Your well-being is our top priority.

Levels of Sedation Offered

There are many levels of sedation that can be offered, which include:

  • Deep sedation: You may be on the edge of consciousness, but can still be woken up
  • Moderate sedation: You may slur your words and not remember the procedures conducted
  • Minimal sedation: You’ll be awake, but relaxed
  • General anesthesia: You are completely unconscious

Once the sedative takes effect, we apply a local anesthetic to block the nerves around the area that’s being worked on. Another benefit of sedation dentistry is that it can make a long procedure go by quickly.

If you undergo a sedation dental procedure, make sure you line up a friend or family member to drive you to and from your dental appointment. Typically the sedation effects wear off within two to four hours. At Dental Arts of Beverly Hills, we use monitoring equipment to ensure your pulse and blood pressure levels remain safe so you have nothing to worry about when you arrive for your appointment.

If you’re ready to schedule a sedation dental appointment with our experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles dentist, contact us at (310) 846-8454.

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