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The Convenience of Same-day Crowns

The Convenience of Same-day Crowns

Crowns have long been used to protect teeth. They’ve evolved over the years, too. Today’s crowns look and feel just like natural teeth, while protecting the tooth underneath (e.g., after a root canal) or anchoring a dental bridge securely in your mouth.

Even as crowns have improved through the years, the process for getting them was still arduous. At least, that was the case until people had access to same-day crowns. To get your crown without spending multiple days at our office,  Arman Dayan, DDS, offers same-day crowns to our patients at Dental Arts of Beverly Hills

What sets these crowns apart? Let’s take a look.

The old way

To better understand same-day crowns, it’s first helpful to understand the traditional process for getting a crown. 

Historically, to be able to get this protective cap for your tooth, you needed to make two separate trips to the dentist’s office. During the first trip, your dentist prepared your tooth for the crown, which meant removing some of the tooth that would get the crown to make space. The dentist then took an impression of the prepared tooth and shipped that impression out to an outside lab. Using that impression, the lab could create a dental crown to fit precisely over the prepared tooth.

The problem is that the creation of that crown often took more than a week. And that left you wearing a fiddly temporary crown for days and days. Not to mention the hassle of having to go back to your dentist’s office once the crown was ready to have it cemented in place.

Ultimately, getting a crown used to be a drawn out, inconvenient process. But same-day crowns changed all that. 

The new way

To make getting your crown significantly faster and easier, Dr. Dayan invested in an advanced milling machine called a CEREC® scanner for our office. Now, instead of depending on an outside lab to create your crown, he can make it in-house.

Here’s how the process works now: He prepares the tooth and takes an impression, just like he would with the traditional crown process. But instead of sending you home with an ill-fitting temporary crown and scheduling a whole separate appointment with you, Dr. Dayan gets to work on creating your crown with our CEREC scanner right away.

Within a few hours, your crown is ready. We bond it over your tooth, and you can immediately enjoy your protective, natural-looking and feeling crown. In other words, a process that used to take a week or more can happen in a single afternoon. 

If you need a crown, don’t let it take multiple days out of your schedule. To learn more about same-day crowns and how they can work for you, call our office, or book an appointment with Dental Arts of Beverly Hills online today.

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