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Dental Arts of Beverly Hills

Cosmetic Dentists, Implant Dentist, and Prosthodontist located in Beverly Hills, CA

Dentures are a classic solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile. At Dental Arts of Beverly Hills, Arman Dayan, DDS, and the team help patients in Los Angeles improve their oral health and enhance their appearance with state-of-the-art dentures. Schedule a visit by phone or online to the modern clinic in Beverly Hills, California, to get started with your dentures today.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices that replace some or all of your teeth. They’re made of artificial teeth that are held in place with an acrylic base that’s shaded to match your gum tissue. 

Dentures have seen a number of technological innovations in recent years. Today’s dentures are more comfortable and natural-looking than ever before, offering you an easy way to reclaim your beautiful smile.

How common are dentures?

Dentures are more common than you might realize. About 90% of people without teeth have dentures to restore their smile. Dentures are so popular because they offer a safe and effective way to improve your oral health, enhance your appearance, and make it easier for you to properly speak and eat.

Are there different types of dentures?

Everybody has unique needs and preferences when it comes to replacing their teeth and there are a number of different types of dentures that address those differences.

Full dentures vs. partial dentures

Full dentures replace all of the teeth in one or both of your dental arches. They’re great for patients who have lost a majority of their teeth or are planning to get their remaining teeth extracted. 

Partial dentures, on the other hand, are designed to replace some of your teeth while keeping the rest of your natural teeth intact.

Traditional dentures vs. immediate dentures

If you’re having extractions to make way for a set of full dentures, you’ll get to decide whether you want traditional or immediate dentures.

When you get traditional dentures, you wait until your gums fully heal from your extraction procedure before your provider takes the impressions for your dentures, which means that you have to spend some time without teeth. 

With immediate dentures, your provider takes an impression before your extraction and has your dentures ready for you to start wearing as soon as you extract your remaining teeth. The downside of immediate dentures is that they require numerous refittings since your gums naturally shrink and change shape as they heal from extractions.

Conventional dentures vs. implant-supported dentures

When selecting your dentures, you can also choose how you’d like them to attach to your mouth. Conventional dentures secure over your gums with a suction or adhesive mechanism. Implant-supported dentures attach to dental implants, which are tiny titanium posts that connect to your jawbone and function like artificial tooth roots.

If you’re interested in learning more about dentures, schedule a visit with Dental Arts of Beverly Hills by calling the office or booking online today.