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Veneers Can Give You That Celebrity-Level Smile You've Always Wanted


You don’t have to be a movie star to look like one — in fact, most movie stars didn’t look like their famous selves until they got dental veneers. There are many reasons to opt for veneers: they not only cover imperfections, they also communicate to the world that you take care of yourself, you’re healthy, and you’re confident.

At Dental Arts of Beverly Hills, Arman Dayan, DDS, helps countless patients throughout the greater Los Angeles, California, area achieve the smile of their dreams with Bioclear® Matrix veneers. 

What makes Dr. Dayan and our practice unique is that we approach your cosmetic procedure in a very personal way, thinking outside the box and coming up with creative solutions when traditional, status quo procedures don’t work. It’s also important to know that this procedure requires advanced training, that’s why as a certified Bioclear Provider, Dr. Dayan is the best choice.

When it comes to your teeth and your smile, Dr. Dayan takes the time to understand exactly what you want and why you want it, so he can determine the very best treatment plan to help you get it. Often, that means veneers. Dr. Dayan uses the Bioclear Matrix method — here’s how they compare. 

Traditional veneers

Traditional dental veneers are thin, wafer-like shells made from a composite resin or porcelain that are placed over the fronts of your teeth. They’ve been used for many years by dentists all around the world to correct imperfections like stains, cracks, and gaps. 

If you have teeth that are severely stained from medication, disease, or aging, and they resist whitening efforts, veneers offer an ideal solution. The enamel that surrounds and protects your teeth is designed to last a lifetime, but not necessarily in the same condition as when you started.

Over time, your enamel wears down, and the brown dentin underneath begins to show through. The result is all-over yellowing, which makes your teeth — and you — look older. But dental veneers cover up the stains and dentin, giving your teeth a youthful whiteness.

Bioclear — better than veneers

In order for traditional veneers to adhere on your teeth, the healthy enamel needs to be shaved away. You get a temporary veneer while a lab creates a custom-fitting shell, so you have to go back for another appointment. Once you get veneers, there’s no turning back — they’re permanent. 

With Bioclear, you get the benefits of a revolutionary method that we think is better than the old-school veneers. Bioclear creates a three-dimensional matrix to cover your tooth, followed by an injection of a composite material that’s stronger than regular dental bonding, and smoother than traditional porcelain veneers.

Bioclear addresses:

Dr. Dayan completes the procedure in one visit, and there’s no grinding or shaving of your natural teeth. 

What it’s like to get Bioclear

Unlike traditional porcelain veneers, we don’t need to damage your teeth to get them ready. The only prep work necessary is making sure your teeth are ultra clean so the material bonds well and no bacteria gets trapped under your new tooth covering.

Then Dr. Dayan shapes and adjusts the tooth or teeth until it’s just right. Finally, he adds a bonding agent for extra strength and durability. Bioclear typically lasts up to 10 years and can be maintained just like your natural teeth. 

If you want to find out if you're a good candidate for the Bioclear Matrix method, call our office today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Dayan. 

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