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What Is Gum Bleaching?

What Is Gum Bleaching?

Most people are much more concerned with the appearance of their teeth than their gums. However, if you’re living with discolored or black gums, you’re probably wondering about your options. Is there a way to get healthy-looking gums?

Absolutely. Arman Dayan, DDS, and our team at Dental Arts of Beverly Hills offer gum bleaching services here at our office. We may recommend this as part of a full-mouth reconstruction to transform your smile or as a standalone option. 

Before we get into your gum bleaching treatment options, let’s look at what’s causing your darkened or discolored gums in the first place. 

The causes of gingival pigmentation

Gingival pigmentation, the medical term for darkened gums, can result from a number of conditions or other underlying causes. If you have black spots on your gums, they could be caused by:

Some gingival pigmentation is nothing to worry about, but your dark spots could be a sign of a more serious condition that’s affecting your oral or overall health. If you notice dark spots on your gums, make an appointment with Dr. Dayan right away. He can diagnose the cause of your gum discoloration and let you know if it’s something that requires treatment, like a separate health condition. 

Ultimately, Dr. Dayan helps you understand what’s causing your dark spots while also giving you an option to get rid of them: gum bleaching. 

Gum bleaching for a more beautiful smile

Unlike teeth whitening, there’s no safe at-home option for gum bleaching. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with your black gums or dark spots. At our office, Dr. Dayan has extensive experience helping people safely lighten discoloration on their gums. He offers this treatment so you can get the gum bleaching you need from a registered professional you can trust. 

As a specialist in a variety of gum treatments, including gum reshaping, Dr. Dayan delivers all the gum care you need to get your best smile. He can talk with you about your gum bleaching options, from applying a bleaching solution to your gums to using a laser to address your dark spots. Dr. Dayan works with you to find the best possible option to reach your desired gum color. 

Don’t let dark or discolored gums keep you from your dream smile. To learn more about gum bleaching and your treatment options, call our office, or book an appointment with Dental Arts of Beverly Hills online today.

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